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About Me

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2018
One of my favorite countries

Hi, I’m Marc 👋


I my spare time I study on University of the people for a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
Spending time with my family and learning portugese and when time is right maybe Golf, but haven’t had much time the the last two years to play, so you can probarly bet me easily.

Works experience:

Currently I work at LEGO where i have been since 2019, and also work for TechSave.

8+ years experience in the insurance business and building IT services for external partners and internal systems. We got a system delivered and all the source code.

5+ years with webhosting – Have been maintaining web, mail, domains and DNS for over 5 years, everything from setting them up to daily maintaines. Have setup a mirrored DNS system, custom build open source webhosting system with mailservers.

3+ years as an IT consultant, making custom solutions based on customer wishes and offered guidence, for what solutions could be best for their future plans.

2+ years in the telecommunication business. Here I build some management systems, and maintained a Frontend system for their mobile webshop. Everything custom build.