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English Composition 1 (ENGL 0101)


To get accepted to University of the People, you need to prove you have a good English Exam, if you don’t you need to take the English Composition 1.

Well my english exam was bad when I did it many years ago, and I was sick and tired of school, but wanted to try and get an education. Sadly I failed.

I will try and write about what is covered in the course.

For a guy speaking and writing English every day that last 12 years, it was actually pretty difficult. I’m used to business English, and talking about Business ideas, Development and common business talk. Here you have to write about a Novell, how is it written, write a summary and essay!

Nothing is impossible and passed good, just needed to read the texts one extra time to get the understanding.

Unit 1

The first unit was about sentences and how to take notes. It is pretty simple, then you say sentence you know what it is, but what is a paragraph?

And you also need to read a short story and write a 2-3 sentence resume about it. For every unit the reading just get longer and longer, and you need to write more about the story.

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