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English Composition 1 (ENGL 0101)


Unit 2

Second unit was about paragraphs and pre-writing. Pre-writing is a technique about how to get starting writing your paper, and how to get past writers block.

Unit 3

Third unit get more interesting, now you need to read a story and analyse it. What is the text about? What is the evidence in the story? What does the author try to tell you with this story? There is many things to think about when you need to analyse the story.

You will also go more in depth with Topic sentence, which is the top sentence that explains what rest of the paragraph is about. It gives the reader information about the next sentences.

And you learn about the most important topic, how to avoid plagiarize. When you quote a book, person and anything it is important to make a reference. The good thing about making a reference is that, you give credit to the person, but also if this person was wrong is hi/her studies, it will not impact your study, because you did it based on theirs.

There is many ways to quote a person, mostly person use in-text quotes and the write their information the in reference list.

A in-text example:
“There was a place called Happy Land and all was well, except for when it wasn’t” (King, 2014, p. 34).

In the reference list you should write:
King, S. (2014). Happy land. New York, NY: Penguin.

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