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Programming Fundamentals CS 1101 – Week 1 / Unit 1

Week 1/ Unit 1: Introduction and Fundamental Concepts

Week 1 / Unit 1 is about getting to know the programming language Python and how it works. There is many new terms you should know when you take the test, and there is a list of the ones you should write down in your notes.

If you are new to Python you should use PyCharms for this, it is a great tool for programming and also one you might use when working with programming in the Future. This is a free version and also it is free for students.

Glossary and Terms:

  1. Problem-solving
    The Process of finding a solution and expressing it.
  2. Low-level language
    Code close to the processor (example assembly programming language)
  3. High-level language
    Python, PHP, Java, and many others is high level language, they are easy for people to understand and learn.
  4. Portability
    A program that can run on many different operating systems ( ex. many java application can do this)
  5. Interpreter
    A program that needs another program for running
  6. Prompt
    When the program is ready for the users input, normally in console applications.
  7. Program
    A set of instructions that specifies a computation
  8. Print statement
    In Python it prints the value on the screen for the user to see. So it causes the Python code to output the explicit value.
  9. Operators
    + – / * special symbols for simple computations like adding, subtracting, multiply, divide, concatenate strings and so on.
  10. Value
    Basic unit of data, it an be like a number or string
  11. Type
    The category of the value, like if the value is a string, integer, float, object, etc. (In Python use type(’12’) = <class ‘str’> and type(12) = <class ‘int’>)
  12. Integer
    In it the definition on a whole number, the number 100.00 is a floating-point number because you use a decimal pointer
  13. Floating-point
    125.50 is a floating-point number also called float, is you only use 125 the you have a integer (a whole number without decimals)
  14. String
    It is a sequence is characters
  15. Natural language
    Any one of the languages humans speaks in the world ( mostly all programming and scripting languages use English when build )
  16. Formal language
    This is a language that is designed for a specific purpose, like a programming language.