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Programming Fundamentals (Python) – CS 1101


Week 1/ Unit 1:
Introduction and Fundamental Concepts

Week 1 / Unit 1 is about getting to know the programming language Python and how it works. There is many new terms you should know when you take the test, and there is a list of the ones you should write down in your notes.

If you are new to Python you should use PyCharms for this, it is a great tool for programming and also one you might use when working with programming in the Future. This is a free version and also it is free for students.

Glossary and Terms:

  • Problem-solving
    • The Process of finding a solution and expressing it.
  • Low-level language
    • Code close to the processor (example assembly programming language)
  • High-level language
    • Python, PHP, Java, and many others is high level language, they are easy for people to understand and learn.
  • Portability
    • A program that can run on many different operating systems ( ex. many java application can do this)
  • Interpreter
    • A program that needs another program for running
  • Prompt
    • When the program is ready for the users input, normally in console applications.
  • Program
    • A set of instructions that specifies a computation
  • Print statement
    • In Python it prints the value on the screen for the user to see. So it causes the Python code to output the explicit value.
  • Operators
    • + – / * special symbols for simple computations like adding, subtracting, multiply, divide, concatenate strings and so on.
  • Value
    • Basic unit of data, it an be like a number or string
  • Type
    • The category of the value, like if the value is a string, integer, float, object, etc. (In Python use type(’12’) = <class ‘str’> and type(12) = <class ‘int’>)
  • Integer
    • In it the definition on a whole number, the number 100.00 is a floating-point number because you use a decimal pointer
  • Floating-point
    • 125.50 is a floating-point number also called float, is you only use 125 the you have a integer (a whole number without decimals)
  • String
    • It is a sequence is characters
  • Natural language
    • Any one of the languages humans speaks in the world ( mostly all programming and scripting languages use English when build )
  • Formal language
    • This is a language that is designed for a specific purpose, like a programming language.

More notes will come when I have done my homework 😉
Studying, work and having a family take a lot of time.
Will try and get my notes here before next term starts.